Why Industrial Seats

Why Industrial Seats - Top Reasons

“Work ethic” is defined by Merriam-Webster as the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward. Workers all over the country welcome the daily grind and toil to finish the job at hand. Even though they will face their fair share of struggles, the one certainty is that they will not quit until the job is complete. Industrial Seats shares this philosophy as well, committing to provide seats to customers that won’t quit on them or their employees.

One element that makes Industrial Seats such a vital source for those within industrial businesses is the ability to provide OEM-quality products. Providing dealers the correct seating solution when issues like suspensions wearing out or armrests failing arise not only helps save money but precious time spent trying to manifest a solution. Our highly educated seating specialists can also direct customers to newer or more enhanced seats than they may have previously had. Their extensive knowledge affords them the ability to recommend seats with features such as larger seat cushions, cloth or vinyl materials for specific applications and an upgrade to a suspension while still fitting a specific machine. 

Another component that makes Industrial Seats a vital resource for those in the industrial workforce is the variety of machine categories our seats fit including heavy equipment, construction equipment, material handling, turf, and agricultural equipment. This comes in handy for those who need replacements for multiple machines or for those who struggle to find the proper seats for their machine. Industrial Seats can also offer custom installation kits that help with a wide range of products. These kits are designed to make the process of installing your new seat as easy as possible from installing popular replacement seats to seats that have been developed for specific equipment models. This combined with direct bolt-in seats allow customers to replace or upgrade their seat without having to cut into the machine. We keep an extensive amount of this inventory in-stock as well meaning you can receive your seating solution in a timely manner. 

Choose a company that shares the work ethic you want in your workers. Our impeccable customer service and prompt response times paired with our extensive in-stock inventory means you can obtain a better seating solution faster. Visit our Industrial Seats website to see the multitude of products we offer as well as the many different machines that we can service.