Industrial Seats is committed to creating value for our customers by distributing top quality products. 

Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order. 


CVG is the parent organization of three brands that Industrial Seats carries, all spanning different markets. These brands include KAB Seating, National Seating, and Bostrom Seating. 

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KAB Seating

Heavy equipment seating for various industrial markets. Click here for their website.

National Seating

Truck seating solutions for North American motor coach, school bus, and truck applications. Click here for their website.

Bostrom Seating

Offers a range of seating options for class 3-8 trucks and vans. Click here for their website.


The GRAMMER brand stands for mobile comfort and safety. GRAMMER manufactures product for multiple heavy equipment applications, including: automotive, construction, buses, coaches, agricultural machines, and off-road highway equipment. 

Product Videos

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Click here for the GRAMMER website for more details regarding their product line. 

Global Brand

GRAMMER HQ is located in Germany and they have multiple locations in the United States. 


Born out of the heavy equipment and automotive industries, United Group, Inc. manufactures its own brand of custom heavy duty seats under the IRON HORSE Seating brand. 

Through extensive market knowledge and known customer requirements, IRON HORSE Seating is designed for providing durable seating solutions across multiple applications.

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Built In America

IRON HORSE products are built and assembled in America.

Custom Solutions

IRON HORSE has the ability to create custom seating solutions to fit the most challenging applications. 

ISO Certified

IRON HORSE is quality certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standards. 

Sears Seating

Sears is the seating brand that delivers the leading operator comfort and health in the work vehicle industry through collaborative relationships and unsurpassed commitment.

Their promise statement - Work hard. Work comfortably. - acknowledges that operators work hard and deserve to work comfortably. It also indicates that Sears Seating works hard to insure that others work comfortably.

This reputation has earned Sears a global position as a leading supplier of suspension and non-suspension seating for the agriculture, construction, forestry, industrial, turf care and over-the-road truck markets worldwide.


Click here for the Sears Seating website for more details regarding their product line. 


Sears Seating has been in business since 1855. 

Global Brand

Sears has earned a global position as a leading supplier.

Seats Inc.

Seats Incorporated manufacturers products that are used in a wide variety of applications including: industrial trucks, over-the-highway semi-tractors, off-highway equipment, earth moving equipment, military vehicles, and emergency vehicles. 


Click here for the Seats Inc. website for more details regarding their product line. 


Seats Inc. has manufactured seating solutions since 1952.  

Made In America

Sears Seating manufactures their products in America.

United Seats

United Seats offers a wide range of off-road seating solutions including both air and mechanical suspension seats, low profile suspension seats, static seats and all weather pan seats.


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