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Sears Atlas Elite 80, Air Ride Truck Seats
The Atlas is the #1 choice for big drivers who want a big, comfortable truck seat. Contoured back which curves to fit the natural shape of the spine. 4 chamber lumbar support.
National Seating Premium, Ergonomic Truck Seats
Trimmed in genuine leather or Modura fabric. Features the BackCycler. The slow, pulsing action facilitates blood flow and reduces disc pressure. Includes 3 chamber power lumbar plus power bolsters.
Sears Atlas Premium 70, Heavy Duty Work Truck Seat
The Atlas Premium 70 is a great choice for big drivers who want a big, comfortable seat. Atlas Seat top with Contoured back frame structure, Contoured metal seat pan, Integrated 3-position seat tilt/extension, Air lumbar support.
Sears Atlas 35-Plus, Heavy Duty Work Truck Seat
Completely redesigned. Features durable Modura fabric or vinyl trim. Super smooth and durable toggle-link suspension. Great Value!
Bostrom Seating Wide Ride, Air Ride Truck Seat
Full reclining backrest plus dual damper suspension offers a comfortable ride featuring a wider seat back and longer seat cushion.
Bostrom T-Series™ Air Ride Truck Seat
High back trimmed in gray vinyl features self contained 12V air compressor and 6" high profile riser.
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